On-Site Printing Photography

Event Photography with On-Site Printing

You've heard the horror stories before, we all have…

“We hired a photographer and they promised to send us pictures in the mail but we NEVER received them.”


“We hired someone to take pictures of our event but it took weeks before we ever saw them.”

These are just a couple of the reasons why we committed ourselves to onsite event print photography in the first place. We have been photographing events for years. It makes up a large percentage of the work we produce, so much so, that we changed our name to reflect our skills and expertise.

One of the reasons we enjoy it is because it allows us to work with large amounts of people and personalities in short amounts of time, which in turn takes our portrait and headshot photography to another level. As a result, we have developed special people skills to take the highest quality photos on site while presenting ourselves in a professional manner at all times. Your guests will be pleased and see the difference in every photograph we print at your event.

In addition to on-site print photography, we typically turn around non-printed event photos in less than 5 days business days (many times much sooner) so that clients can display the photos while the event is still fresh on people's minds. This works great for our corporate clients who have to share the photos across several teams or on their internal servers.

Here are a few other things we learned about printing photographs on-site at events:

The Pros and Cons of On-Site Print Event Photography


  • Makes Your Event Memorable – There is something about holding a physical print in your hand…It is tangible proof that you existed, that you were there, or that the moment the particular photo was taken mattered. It is not easily discarded or overlooked like the last photo you saw on social media 10 minutes ago before you see the next photo. On-site printing makes your event more memorable for your guests. Many guest will display their photos for years and will recall the great time they had at your event everytime they take a glimpse.
  • Branding and Promotional Opportunity – We can have your logo, the title of your event as well as the date and location printed on around your photo as it is being printed. As a result, onsite event photography printing helps keep your organization in mind long after the event is over.
  • Happy Guests – Most people get dressed up for events (especially for gala functions, banquets, proms, or fundraisers) and they enjoy seeing themselves in a photos looking their best after the event is over. On-site printing serves as long lasting reminder of how good they looked and the great time they had. They will display their photos for a long time with your brand on them.
  • Adds Excitement – Posing for photographs and having a real studio set up as part of your event adds excitement, especially when you hire an experienced photographer from Hardy Event Photo that knows how to work with large amounts of people in a short amount of time to produce their best look. Almost everyone loves to get in front of the camera for a professional photograph especially when they are complimentary or included in the cost of their admission.
  • Makes Your Event Multi-Dimensional – Many guests see our photography as an added feature or element to your program. Just like you may have a speaker, a meal, or band, they view our onsite printing studio photography in a similar light. We are, in effect, a performer or an additional part of the entertainment.


  • Raises the cost of event to cover the additional cost of prints. However, the promotional aspect of the photos and/or the guest happiness (e.g. Customer/Employee appreciation parties)  tend to provide much greater value than the added expense. Dollar for dollar, event print photography is the best and longest lasting advertising money can buy. Additionally, we have plans available to help hosts manage or lower costs associated with printed event photos.
  • Requires a little extra space inside the venue. We typically use a 10′ x 15′ area but can scale down if necessary. Best results are achieved when the on-site photography studio is inside of the banquet facility where guests will spend the bulk of their time, rather than the lobby or adjacent rooms.
  • May extend the length of the event. If you have a tightly packed program you may want to allow additional time for guest to take photos. However, most programs allow for photos to be taken around the other program elements.
  • Best achieved with two photographers on site rather than just one especially when on-site studio and event photography to document the event are required. We have multiple experienced event photographers available and can set up multiple photography stations to handle even the largest events.

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